Lord Ganesh Pooja

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Lord Ganesh Pooja

Lord Ganesh is one of the most admired Hindu Deities. He is the god of wisdom. He is known as the master of all academic subjects, all the sixty four arts and crafts

Ganesh is worshiped in the beginning of all important occasions. It is said in Skanda Purana that Lord Ganesh is worshipped in the beginning of all auspicious celebrations.

As the remover of obstacles, He is propitiated at the beginning of every undertaking, whether it is a journey, the building of a house, the writing of a book or even of a letter.   

You son/daughter struggling in studies, lack of memory, you are starting any business , you are starting to build house , let start all these by offering prayers to Lord Ganesh with help of astrologer shivaprasad .powerful Lord Ganesh protections are given

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